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Tailor the Email Experience to Each Shopper

Cyber Monday looms over the e-commerce landscape, many retailers are thinking about their use of email and the proper cadence and schedule for their messages on major online shopping days such as Cyber Monday (and yes, Sofa Sunday, too). Digital marketing platform Listrak has released a few interesting data points and underlying trends it believes will impact the North American consumer market, retailers and brands this holiday season, and if you're pressing "send" at any point in the fourth quarter of 2017, the information could prove immensely useful. + Sending as many as four additional emails per month provides a significant revenue boost; a return of $59.26 for every dollar spent. + Adding an evening email to a deployment schedule will take advantage of site traffic spikes that occur after dinner. + Listrak recommends deploying two or even three emails on Cyber Monday as shoppers are looking for deals throughout the day. + Shoppers welcome emails this time of year, and as many as 27 percent start buying the first two weeks of December, so add emails the week following Cyber Monday. “Many retailers have already started to ramp up their email deployment schedules, which is a key tactic to making the all-important Q4 year-end revenue goals,” said Listrak CEO Ross Kramer. “However, it’s important to remember that just sending more emails alone isn’t a strategy. Consumers are bombarded with email messages this time of year, so you really need to consider when and what to send.” Kramer's advice? “Focus on tailoring the experience to each shopper,” adds Kramer. “A great way to do that is by using customer data. Those personalized messages increase the likelihood of a sale.”

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