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8 New Graphic Design Trends That Have Taken Over 2018!

Earlier in the year Ryan McCready talked about what is new in graphic design trends for 2018, now that 2018 is almost over what have we really seen as a trend?  What has really happened?  What has shaped our future trends and is going to take us into 2019 with a strong lead?  Color, clarity and consistency of a message is always at the forefront of our designs, will it continue or will that all change in 2019?  With new designers taking the rein and setting the stage for changes in 2019 will the average consumer appreciate these changes or during a cycle of considerable uncertainty will they want to cling to a message of  consistency and comfort. 

Ryan’s take from early 2018 is below however keep an open eye toward 2019. I believe we are seeing the return of subtle consistent branding, low key colors invoking the sense of a calm and trusting message.  Design in 2019 may be taking an intrepid trek back to the simplistic elegance of a message well received and ingrained. 

Here is to 2019 and the creative holdings large and small it will hold.  Every moment our eyes are open we are viewing graphic arts in one form or another, from marketing messages, the greatest works of art to Mother Nature’s finest work, it all begins in the eye of the artist. 


Without further ado, here are the biggest graphic design trends for 2018: 8 New Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2018

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